Requirements for products for obtaining the CP quality mark

Producers of fruit and vegetable products of high quality or those planning to produce such products can apply for participation in the Certified Product (CP) Quality System and granting the CP logo.

Products have to belong to the following categories:
Certyfikowane Soki
fruit juices, vegetable juices, vegetable and fruit / fruit and vegetable juices,
Certyfikowane Soki
fruit nectars, vegetable nectars, vegetable and fruit / fruit and vegetable nectars,
Certyfikowane Soki
fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies, vegetable and fruit / fruit and vegetable smoothies,
Certyfikowane Soki
fruit mousses, vegetable mousses, vegetable and fruit / fruit and vegetable mousses,
Certyfikowane Soki
other fruit and/or vegetable products.

Apart from complying with the applicable legal requirements, the above-mentioned products have to additionally comply with the following ones:

Certyfikowane Soki
they have to be characterised by high content of nutrients, which allows for the use of nutritional and/or health claims, pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006 of the European Parliament of 20th December 2006,
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they do not contain any added sugars and sweeteners and the desired sweetness is achieved by mixing raw materials and/or juice and/or juice from concentrate,
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they do not contain preservatives,
Certyfikowane Soki
they do not contain artificial colourings,
Certyfikowane Soki
they do not contain artificial flavourings,
Certyfikowane Soki
this concerns only fruit juices – they are produced in accordance with the voluntary Code of Practice of the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN),
Certyfikowane Soki
they are characterised by complete traceability, which means that it is possible to trace the entire production process from a farm/producer of fruit or vegetables to the final product, which results in the choice of raw materials of the highest quality and care for every stage of production chain.

Therefore, products with the Certified Product (CP) logo on their packaging are distinguished by outstanding reproducible commercial quality.


How to apply for participation in the CP System?

In order to join the System and have the possibility of using the CP logo, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Complete the Application Form together with Product Card(s) (available here→ Download documents).
  2. Send the completed Application Form together with Product Card(s) and appendices:
    – via e-mail to the following e-mail address: and
    – via mail to the following address:
    Stowarzyszenie Krajowa Unia Producentów Soków
    ul. Rakowiecka 36 lok 339 i 340 
02-532 Warszawa POLAND


  1. The KUPS office will contact the Applicant within 7 days in order to confirm the correctness of submitted documents or to request their supplementation.
  2. The decision on granting the CP Quality System certificate to particular products will be made within 30 days. In complex cases which require more time for making a decision, the deadline might be extended.
  3. In the case of a refusal to grant the CP mark, the Applicant has the right to appeal against the decision to the KUPS Management Board within 14 days from receiving a notification. The Management Board will make a decision at its next meeting. The Decision of the Management Board is final and irrevocable.
  4. Next, an agreement will be signed and an administrative fee specified in the agreement will be paid.
  5. The CP certificates for those products which obtained a positive decision will be issued within up to seven (7) days following the receipt of the fee.
  6. After the completed certification process, the producer can use the CP logo on products included in the CP Quality System in accordance with the rules specified in the agreement on participation in the CP System and the Regulations of the quality mark, which can be downloaded here→ Download documents

IMPORTANT! The following products should be understood as products included in the CP System: products traded under a specific brand in a given country (regardless of the type of packaging and capacity) and produced according to the same recipe by the same producer in the same technical and technological conditions. Products with different flavours and ingredients traded under the same brand should be subjected to a separate certification process.

The fee is PLN 350 net for granting the CP mark for one product for the period of 18 months.


Download documents

  • Application Form – application for participation in the Certified Product (CP) Quality System
  • Product Card – for the Certified Product (CP) Quality System